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Action vandalism with graffiti

graffiti, graffiti art
Many cities beefing laws to fight against graffiti. In San Francisco, California, for example, current owner has 30 days to clean up graffiti on their property or face paying the city to do for them. Inevitably, the question will arise when the graffiti art?

Some famous graffiti taggers have been accepted by the art world. The most famous is Keith Haring, whose work has sold upward of $ 100,000. Recently, taggers of "neck face" began to sell their works in an art gallery, and has appeared in newspapers and on television, often with masks covering their faces.

In San Francisco, where the floor is known for being soft on graffiti and the property owner rather than law enforcement agencies to bear the burden of reducing graffiti, Mayor Gavin Newsom recently proposed a pilot program that will d art artist paint boxes for their artistic value. To learn more about this art projects in San Francisco.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, "police officer Christopher Putz, who work solely on graffiti, argued that putting public art on the box is owned by SBC Communications and the Department of Parking and traffic could lead to bureaucratic mess where nobody is responsible for vandalism.

While the owners are legally obliged by law to clean city vandalism, under state law, the work of an artist can not touch without permission. Invevitably, questions about art, vandalism and property rights must be discussed in more detail.

To give an idea of how graffiti has become a graffiti production, from today, sharing sites Flickr photos tagged containing 350,000 images.

graffiti, graffiti art

Digital Graffiti Alphabet

graffiti alphabet, graffiti lettersGraffiti alphabet letters 3 colors on the digital model is very adequate, because if too many colors that seemed to appear chaotic.

China Graffiti Alphabet

graffiti alphabet, graffiti lettersgraffiti alphabet letters writing is very much variatif and there are also visible at a glance, that graffiti is any posts such as china, akn but a short distance from china not any posts, just a model written style china.

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Mechanical Graffiti Alphabet

graffiti alphabet, graffiti lettersthe graffiti alphabet letters is now on developing digital products, and does not appear attractive for its users to make weary.

Graffiti Alphabet "A-Z"

graffiti alphabet, graffiti artwriting a letter to the z, would be very interesting for the children when we make a model graffiti alphabet, graffiti art, and looks interesting. Please try .....

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The spread of the culture of graffiti

In 1979, graffiti artist Lee Quinones and Fab 5 Freddy were opening an art gallery in Rome by agents Claudio Bruni. To many outside of New York was their first encounter with this art form. Fab 5 Freddy friendship with Debbie Harry Blondie influenced single "Rapture" (Chrysalis, 1981), a video featuring Jean-Michel Basquiat SAMO © Graffiti, and offer many their first look at the picture elements of culture hip-hop graffiti. More important here, Charlie Ahearn's independently released fiction film Wild Style (Wild Style, 1982), and early PBS documentary Style Wars (1983). Hit songs like "The Message" and "Planet Rock" and music videos that accompany them (both 1982) contributed to a growing interest outside New York in all aspects of hip hop.Style war represented not only a graffiti artist called Skeme, Dondi, and Zephyr Minon, but also strengthened the role of graffiti appeared in the New York hip, hop culture is famous for combining the early break dance groups like Rock Steady Crew in the film which also includes a rap soundtrack only. Style Wars is still recognized as representing the most productive of the film is set in the hip-hop youth culture 1980s.Fab Initial 5 Freddy and Futura 2000 took hip-hop graffiti in Paris and London in New York City Rap Tour in 1983. Hollywood is also interesting to observe in such writers as Phase 2, describing the culture and give it international exposure in movies like "Beat Street (Orion, 1984).

graffitiThis period also saw the emergence of new type stencil graffiti. Some early examples were created around 1981 by the tin in rats graffiti in Paris in 1985 stencil has appeared in other cities like New York, Sydney and Melbourne, where they were documented by American and Australian photographer photographer Charles Gatewood Rennie Ellis.

Graffiti writing and culture

In the mid 1970s, the time, most standards were set in writing the graffiti and the culture. Heaviest "bombardment" of the history of the United States occurred during this period, partly because of economic constraints in New York, limiting his ability to fight against this form of art with programs of 'graffiti removal or maintenance of transit. Also at this time, "top-to-bottom" has evolved to take the entire subway cars. Most worthy of note this step is the formation of "throw-ups, which is more complex than simple" tagging, "but has not developed as" sides. "Shortly after their introduction, throw - ups lead to races to see who can do the most throw-ups in the least.

graffiti1Graffiti writing became very competitive and artists trying to go "all cities", or had their names in the five boroughs of New York. Finally, the standards set in the early 70s began to become stagnant. This change attitude led many artists in the 1980s with a desire to expand and change.
Modern graffiti on trains

graffiti2The late 1970s and early 1980s brought a new wave of creativity to the scene. As the influence of graffiti was born in the Bronx, a graffiti movement began with the friendly encouragement Freddie. Fab 5 Freddy (Fred Brathwaite) is one of the graffiti popular personalities of the time, which began in Brooklyn "Wall-writing group." He noted how differences in spraying techniques and letters between Upper Manhattan and Brooklyn joined in the late 70s: "out of" Wild Style. "[26] Fab 5 Freddy is often credited d 'help spread the influence of graffiti and rap off the top foundations in the Bronx, and create links that most of the art center and white music scene. It was about this time that the world of art began to become established receptive to the graffiti culture for the first time since Hugo Martinez Razor Gallery in the 1970s.

graffiti3It also, however, the last wave of true bombing before the Transit Authority made graffiti eradication a priority. MTA (Metro Transit Authority) began to repair the garden fence, and removing graffiti consistent, struggling against a wave of graffiti artists. With the MTA combating cons artists remove their work often allows many artists to quit because of frustration, because they work constantly eliminated.

Graffiti movement seen in the contemporary world

Early modernist graffiti dates back to the box to the car in the early 1920s but the movement of graffiti seen in the contemporary world today actually crossed the minds of political activists and members of the gang in the 1960s. The pioneering era "of graffiti occurred in the years 1969 to 1974. This period is a period of change in popularity and style. New York City became the new hub (official Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) tags and graffiti images. Graffiti artists during this period tried to put as many signs around the city. This is the end of exposure. Immediately after the migration from Philadelphia to New York City produced one of the graffiti artists first to attract media attention in New York, Taki 183. Taki 183 was a young man from Washington Heights, Manhattan who worked as a messenger on foot. His tag is a mixture of his name Demetrius (Demetrakis), Taki and the street number, 183. Being a foot messenger, he was constantly on the subway and began to put his tag-along trips. Gave birth in 1971 was an article in The New York Times titled " 'Taki 183 'grow Pen Pal. Julio 204 is also credited as a writer too early, but not recognized at the time outside of the graffiti subculture. The names of other famous then are: Stay High 149, PHASE 2, Stitch 1, Joe 182, Junior 161 and Cay 161. Barbara 62 and Eva 62 is also important early graffiti artists in New York and is the first woman to be famous for writing graffiti.

graffiti, graffiti artAlso held during this period was the movement from outside the city on the street to the subway. Graffiti also saw the first seeds of competition at that time. The goal of most artists today is to "wake up" several tags and bombs in as many places as possible. Artists began to move in the subway train yards away as they could with a lower risk, often to create complex works of art along the subway car. This occurs when the action, the bombing was officially established.

graffiti, graffiti artBy 1971 tags began to take their side of the calligraphic signature because, due to a large number of artists, each of the graffiti artist needed a way to differentiate themselves. Besides the growing complexity and creativity, tags also began to grow in size and scale - for example, many artists have begun to increase the font size and line width, and put their tags . This has given rise to so-called "work" and "parts" of 1972. Super Kool 223 is credited as being the first to make these parts.

graffiti, graffiti artThe use of drops of these drawings or hatching, and auditors increasingly popular. Using spray paint has increased dramatically during this period that artists began to expand their work. "Top-to-bottom", works that reach all the car up, making their first appearance at this time. The overall creativity and artistic maturation of this time has not gone unnoticed by the mainstream - Hugo Martinez founded the United Graffiti Artists (UGA) in 1972. UGA consists of many graffiti artists of the time, and aims to present graffiti in an art gallery. In 1974, graffiti artists have begun to combine the use of scenery and cartoon characters in their work. TF5 (The Fabulous Five), is a crew known complex designed for the entire car.

Graffiti as an element of hip hop

In America around the late 1960s, graffiti was used as a form of expression by political activists, and also by gangs like the Savage Skulls, La Familia, and Savage Nomads to mark territory. In the late 1960s, signs of graffiti writers tag corn bread Philadelphia, Cool Earl and Topcat 126 began to appear. Cornbread is often cited as one of the first authors of modern graffiti. Around 1970-71, innovation center Graffiti moved to New York City in which the author followed Taki 183 and Tracy 168 would add their street number, their nickname of "bomb" a train with their work, and let now take the subway and reputation, that is impressive, or simply pervasive, enough "All City". Bubble letters originally held the power of writers from the Bronx, although complex 168 Tracy wrote called "Wild Style" will come to define art. Trendsetters Early joined in the 70s by artists like Dondi, Zephyr and Lady Pink.

graffiti, graffiti hip hopGraffiti is one of four main elements of hip-hop culture (with a sudden, DJing, and breakdancing). The relationship between graffiti and hip-hop culture emerged in the early graffiti artists practicing other aspects of hip-hop, and practiced in the region - areas where other elements of hip-hop has evolved as a form Art. In the mid-eighties, the form will move from the street art world. Jean-Michel Basquiat left SAMO tag for its art galleries, street art and even connect to hip-hop would loosen. Occasional hip hop paeans to graffiti is still heard throughout the nineties, however, on tracks like "Wrong Side of Da Tracks artifacts" and Company Flow Lune TNS ".

What is graffiti?


graffiti, graffiti artGraffiti (singular: Grafiti, plural is used as an object mass of words) is the name of the preview letter or scratched, written, painted or marked in any way PROPERTY updated. Graffiti is any type of public signs that the writing may appear simple words to describe Mural. Graffiti has existed since the time of FIRST, ex. former. dating back to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. In modern times, spray paint, and cats have become standard markers fence materials commonly used. In most countries, with graffiti strewn REMOVE THE PROPERTY OWNERS consent is considered vandalism, punishable by law. Sometimes graffiti is used to communicate social messages and policies. For some people, it is an art form worthy of display and gallery exhibitions for other ITU is vandalism. Graffiti has evolved into a Land Down presence pop culture often associated with music and hip hop the b-Boying create the lifestyle that is still general hidden.Graffiti company serves as a signal to mark the area of gangs or use of indicator or "tag" for gang activity. The controversy surrounding graffiti Create the persistent disagreement between the Acting City / graffiti and repression which seek to expose their works to the public place. There are many different types and styles of graffiti and rapidly growing value Art form highly contested, vilified by the authorities while also subject to many days of protection, sometimes within the same jurisdiction.

Art Graffiti Alphabet

graffiti alphabetwe may try to make a graffiti alphabet with a color display can also be used as the basis of art so beautiful, as in the picture above.

Graffiti Alphabet Brushes

light graffiti, graffiti alphabetcoloring with the water brush model, the graffiti alphabet will appear more bright and clear as the original color than the regular model.

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Brick Grafiiti Alphabet

graffiti alphabetgraffiti alphabet on paper media can also be created. graffiti art with this before we make on a paper, then we can paste on the bricks. wood, and so forth.

Silver Graffiti Alphabet

graffiti alphabetsilver graffiti alphabet letters on this seem to have a light bounce from it, looks simple but luminous.

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Paramount Graffiti Alphabet

graffiti alphabetthough the title graffiti alphabet is wild, but really good and so slick, is also seen that this does not have a symbol of the wild.

Graffiti Alphabet "S" Stars

graffiti alphabetS stars with the surname, with the clear atmosphere american graffiti alphabet appear once on this.

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Graffiti Alphabet "KEM"

graffiti alphabet, graffiti letters3 letters of up to 5 letters seem to be more clear from the message to be delivered from the meaning of the graffiti alphabet.

The Abstract Graffiti Alphabet

graffiti alphabetAbstract graffiti alphabet model with a white background with a very pink any posts dalm color together so that the compact.

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Figure graffiti alphabet series of ten

best graffiti, graffiti alphabetFigure graffiti alphabet series of ten

Is one of the best graffiti with graffiti alphabet model

Figure graffiti alphabet series of nine

best graffiti, graffiti alphabetFigure graffiti alphabet series of nine

Is one of the best graffiti with graffiti alphabet model

Figure graffiti alphabet series of eight

best graffiti, graffiti alphabetFigure graffiti alphabet series of eight

Is one of the best graffiti with graffiti alphabet model

Best Graffiti: High Technique Making Graffiti Alphabet

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti art
Techniques for making this alphabet graffiti is quite high, as it requires a combination of techniques in making so that in can be very powerful and amazing.

Graffiti Alphabet Sky Colour

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti artAtmosphere of the heavens and the stars appear very prominent in the graffiti alphabet, the colors blend with the bright blue and white looks clean look.

Figure graffiti alphabet series of seven

best graffiti, graffiti alphabetFigure graffiti alphabet series of seven

Is one of the best graffiti with graffiti alphabet model

Figure graffiti alphabet series of six

best graffiti, graffiti alphabetFigure graffiti alphabet series of six

Is one of the best graffiti with graffiti alphabet model

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Figure graffiti alphabet series of five

best graffiti, graffiti alphabetFigure graffiti alphabet series of five

Is one of the best graffiti with graffiti alphabet model

Figure graffiti alphabet series of four

best graffiti, graffiti alphabetFigure graffiti alphabet series of four

Is one of the best graffiti with graffiti alphabet model

Figure graffiti alphabet series of three

best graffiti, graffiti alphabetFigure graffiti alphabet series of three

Is one of the best graffiti with graffiti alphabet model

Figure graffiti alphabet series of two

best graffiti, graffiti alphabetFigure graffiti alphabet series of two

Is one of the best graffiti with graffiti alphabet model

Figure graffiti alphabet series one

graffiti alphabet, best graffitiFigure graffiti alphabet series one

Is one of the best graffiti with graffiti alphabet model

Graffiti Alphabet Origami

With the letter M look, graffiti is nuanced models origami japan style.

Graffiti Alphabet In The Countryside

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti art
In the natural village atmosphere graffiti alphabet has also been found, but this is the right step or not, because a more natural nature were cool and comfortable when looking clean and not bad on the eyes when looked dirty because of the placement of graffiti that does not fit, and provided that .

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Best Graffiti: The Word With The Form of Graffiti Alphabet Bubble Letters

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti art
One of the best graffiti that we came up with this time is graffiti alphabet bubble letters which has the form of a word with a combination of vowels and consonant written balanced "Peep"

Best Graffiti: Gaming Paint On Graffiti Alphabet

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti artWith the game paint a graffiti art alphabet is defined in terms of quality art, whether art is worth mentioning the high art or otherwise, to become one of the best graffiti category is necessary to learn a routine process in the process or know the mixture of paint to produce a good color , see graffiti alphabet at the top of the game look good with paint on a canvas.

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View Graffiti Alphabet on Electronic Devices

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti artElectronic device in the present form of the alphabet also show both digits and letters, with a special creation by the experts will be stationed with the trim, work on electrical equipment is in the form of the alphabet can also be categorized in one of the best art of graffiti is the most fit in the graffiti alphabet.

Meaning Cans and Flowers for Graffiti Alphabet

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti art
In the tin can in an alphabet stickers will look more attractive if given the decoration with flowers around the can, with appropriate arrangements made light beautifully, the picture above can also be included in the best work of graffiti, the kind that fit and proper to the graffiti alphabet.

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Playing With Graffiti Art Alphabet

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti art
Still displays black and white, a combination of letters, numbers and symbols smooth style and is suitable for a method of play for children with the best graffiti creations with a kind of graffiti alphabet used.

Xtra Graffiti Alphabet

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti art
Graffiti is very unusual indeed become one of the drafts best collection of graffiti, with dim colors, but very strong and sharp in terms of coloring, graffiti alphabet appears only as a cultivated art.

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Graffiti Alphabet of Flats

graffiti alphabet, graffiti letterThe letters are arranged with a professional placement in the wall by maestro painter, looks so energetic and so good.

Black And White Art On The Graffiti Alphabet

graffiti alphabet, graffiti art, best graffitiDisplay black and white color typical of this graffiti alphabet, using the letter symbols of meaning that appeared in the form of life to determine how to live a bright or dark, this is only one aspect of meaning of the symbolization graffiti.

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Graffiti Alphabet High Art

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti art
best graffiti, graffiti alphabet, graffiti artArt is one branch of human life is very important, without the art of human life felt empty and lonely course, the art is also divided into 3 types, namely ordinary level of art, medium and high. In making a graffiti alphabet, there are three levels in terms of making art is graffiti, of course the higher the art of making the more graffiti raise the sale value.

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Graffiti Alphabet Classic View

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet
best graffiti, graffiti alphabetJudging from these colors can be certain that such graffiti alphabet are classic, features that exist in these graffiti are lighting of the picture there was color looks dull and not bright, but these are things that make graffiti is positioned as one of the best graffiti.

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Graffiti Alphabet Hijaiyah

best graffiti, graffiti alphabet hijaiyahOne of the best graffiti display is a form of graffiti which was made with arabic letters or hijaiyah known, with a blue background with scenery so beautiful it makes the look so perfect graffiti, graffiti, and naming were given names with graffiti alphabet hijaiyah.