Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

Stories About Wild Style Graffiti Alphabet

wild style
We went to the opening night of an art show, called ‘Letterheads', at Coppin Gallery, 49 Coppin St Richmond. It was a wild place, a massive warehouse type of place with wild graffiti works on the walls on the way in.Soon the room filled with people who made their way, literally, from A-Z of the innovative, often wonderful works of the graffiti artists featured. The works were largely hung in matching glass frames, giving a sense of uniformity but the styles of each of the 16 artists added remarkable contrast. Some played on their letter and what it might stand for, others made art out of the letter itself, showing off the art of lettering which is often the graffiti artists specialty. My brother, known in the graffiti art world as, had been given the letter ‘L’ to work on, and as one of the most experienced artists featured in the show, his work was among some of those most compelling in the show (sure, I’m his sister, but I seriously found his use of color really appealing). For those of you who imagine graffiti art as removed from contemporary artworks usually found in gallery exhibitions, this art show would have you think again. Duel has his own site complete with online galleries and graffiti shop.

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