Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

US Marine graffiti crew hits up Hyde Park

Marines graffiti artistUS Marines graffiti artist

In the past week, United States Marine Corps invaded Boston. Or more precisely, were invited by Mayor Tom Menino community to "showcase military equipment displays, community projects making information, and honor local Marines during Marine Week Boston."

At least that's what the release said. According to anti-war activists, however, Marine Week is a poorly disguised recruitment proposal, and worse, one that was partially funded by taxpayers in Massachusetts that the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for a given paint 375 square meters "Community, Country, Corps" mural that Marines labeled in Hyde Park (two blocks from the mayor's house). Although the value of the goods is the minimum, some say that the value of highly visible political propaganda is significantly higher.

"We certainly object to this," said Greater Boston Stop Wars Coalition co-founder John Harris. Promotion of Marines in a time when millions are in opposition to the occupation ends is never appropriate, and certainly I do not think it should Be paid by the people of this city. "

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